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Designaddvance, an initiative by Capricot Technologies in association with Autodesk India and Ethos, aims to be a platform for the exchange of ideas among architects, designers and students. 


We would like to bring forth a theme every year and invite architecture and design students to share ideas -how would you make the world a better place? This is an opportunity for you to show us your skill and understanding. Join us on this journey as we collaborate with architects from Indian and Global design offices to bring to you opportunities to interact with them and hone your skills. 


Technology has transformed both the processes and the end-products in architecture. With its continuous evolution, we now have tools that enable us to design and build more efficiently than before. Ideas now flow from the mind to the paper onto the site with greater ease. Designaddvance seeks to find ways to put technology to optimal use as we imagine sustainable, efficient and humane design ideas for the theme every year.

Head Over to the website to know more:

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