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Workshop 2.0

Revit and Energy Analysis
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Design, analyse and optimise in 3D and obtain sustainable strategies for your project.


In traditional 2D workflow, Architects use their prior experience and presumptions for deciding the orientation, number of fenestrations and materials in designing a facility. This process lacks the substantial data to justify the impact of passive design measures taken by them. 


However, by making 3D model with intelligent data, Architects can run analysis and derive the outputs in order to achieve thermal comfort.


This designaddvance workshop shall provide a 3D design approach, using Autodesk tools, to achieve sustainable design with the help of relevant outputs.


Workshop 1.0

FormIt and Revit
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When you think and design in 3D, Why deliver in 2D?


“In India, Architects and Interior designers are currently working on a design workflow, where the designers

  • conceptualize design in 3D but drafting and delivery is done in 2D,

  • where the 2D drawings are not linked with 3D models,

  • and focus is more towards 2D CAD working drawings than the overall design process


This designaddvance workshop shall provide new 3D Architecture Concept-to-Deliver Design workflows, using the Autodesk tools, to achieve better design with least amount of rework.



  • Concept modelling and analysis in Autodesk FormIT

  • FormIT and Revit Integration

  • Modelling and Massing Techniques in Revit

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